Different Types Of Dual Shower Heads

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After a long day of work, the first thing that comes to mind is going to shower. The bathroom is one place where you are true to self; hence, striving to make it magical should be a priority. There is so much that occurs in the shower depending on the mood of an individual and may include singing and dancing alongside many others. If you feel like it is time to upgrade your shower head, then this is the article for you. There are two main types of dual showerheads that include: the fixed dual head and the double head with handheld attachment, as explained down below.

why picking dual shower head

What Types of Dual Shower Heads on the Market?

Fixed Dual Shower Heads.

Both of the fixtures are usually attached to the wall, and for that reason, you will not be able to dismantle them and use them solely. That should, however, not worry you since their showerheads come in various sizes, and the spray settings also differ depending on the brand that you select. Since they are usually in one unit, the experience will undoubtedly be different and satisfying. If you are big on spending, then this will be something you will go for. The spray settings of both shower heads can be changed at a go whenever you are showering. That versatility will ensure you are comfortable since you can adjust them to your liking.

Also, the bigger head tends to have rainfall capabilities, while the smaller one is more flexible. A fixed dual system is an excellent option for couples who shower together to conserve water. A good example is the Neptune dual shower head, which can even be purchased online.

Dual With Handheld Shower Head.

shower head combo

Like the fixed dual shower head, water flows out of both showerheads. However, this one is more flexible in that you can disentangle one and use it as a handheld piece. Unmounting and returning it to the wall is easy and advantageous since you can reach spots that you usually would not. This system is excellent for people who struggle to move their upper body, for example, the disabled and the aged. They will have a great washing experience because of the option of the handheld showerhead.

Hence, if you work closely with such individuals, you can help them by getting them one of these showerheads; they will love it! That will also reduce your stress levels since a handheld shower will ascertain you, their safety while they are showering. A good example is the Hydroluxe 2-in-1 shower head combo, among many others.

The above points show the different types of dual shower heads that you can choose from. Each showerhead is unique, and if you feel like you are stuck and do not know which one to choose from, you can seek expert advice on showerreviewer.com since there is a variety to choose from. Also, you can do research and shortlist the ones that please you, and from there, you decide which one you will buy. Do not forget to get a warranty when you buy one.

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